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How do I upload images programmatically?

I'm working on a plugin that creates auto crops of a selected image, but I am unsure of the proper steps to create and upload an image programatically. I am hoping that Local asset sources and Remote ...
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How to add sources for Entries

The documentation indicates it is possible to add sources for entries like this: use craft\base\Element; use craft\elements\Entry; use craft\events\RegisterElementSourcesEvent; use yii\base\Event; ...
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Redactor inserts reference tags into IMG when using image transforms, but tag not being processed by parseRefs

Been working with Craft for about a year, but today for the first time I had to modify the Redactor config to place images inside a body field. I added 'image' to my buttons array and everything ...
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asset sourcetype getLocalCopy() not working?

I need to use getLocalCopy from LocalAssetSourceType // Get asset source $source = $asset->getSource(); // Get asset source type $sourceType = $source->getSourceType(); // Get asset file $file =...
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