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How to make custom element types restorable?

In Craft CMS 3, custom element types support soft-deletion out of the box. But once soft-deleted, there is now way to restore elements that are now listed in the Trashed status, the only available ...
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Adding A Soft Delete in Craft 2 Entries

I've been thinking of adding a "Soft Delete" or just perhaps a means in which deleting in certain sections (e.g. News) will archive the entry with an update, rather than deleting it. As I ...
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A user deleted my craft Admin account, what to do?

A created user was able to delete the Admin account, now I can't log in Craft anymore with an admin account. How is it possible that a normal user can delete an Admin? I'm in contact with this user to ...
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How to handle soft delete behavior for a custom Element with custom content tables

I have a custom Element (a Form Element) that adds a custom content table for each Element that gets created (similar to how the Matrix Field creates a custom content table for each field). Users can ...
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What is the appropriate way to query and Hard Delete existing Soft Deleted Elements for a Custom Element?

I have a Custom Element where the Soft Delete functionality is not necessary. Right now, existing users of this plugin may have thousands of Soft Deleted Elements in their Elements table that don't ...
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