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1 vote
1 answer

Use Office365/Azure to send emails

I want to be able to use our Office365 to send emails from a Craft. There’s many reasons including organisational security policies, control issues and potential psychosis. Does anyone know how to set ...
1 vote
1 answer

How to send email from Craft 4 custom plugin/module?

I want to send an email using crafts mailer in Craft 4. I've seen this post: How to send email from Craft 3 custom plugin? But now I need this adapted for craft 4. Unfortunately I did not succeed so ...
2 votes
1 answer

SetReturnPath not successfully bouncing emails back

I am using Craft 3 and Postmark SMTP to send emails to users. Users are activated manually because of a necessary user verification process, so we are not using the built in user activation link ...
1 vote
1 answer

Craft CMS Docker Environment Variables for SMTP

Where can I find the possible environment variables that the craftcms docker images accept? We want to be able to add our SMTP settings. In some examples I have seen the following SMTP related ...
1 vote
1 answer

Configuring Craft 3 with Sparkpost - SMTP - email errors

I created a basic Sparkpost account and am trying to connect it to Craft to send email notifications. When I click the 'test' button in Craft, I get "there was an error testing your email ...