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Use sequential numbers for entry slug

I have a channel where I need each entry's URI include the year and then a sequential number, like this: 2018/1/ 2018/2/ 2018/3/ 2019/4/ I have no problem getting the year, but is there a way to get ...
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How can i replace an old url with a new url with a function similar to Find and Replace?

Our website recently had a transfer of owners and domain name! Some links that are used in the website are still set the an old url. We would like to change this url to a new one without going trough ...
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Internal Server Error when updating slug

I'm getting an internal server error when I try to update the my entry's slug on prod, but not on dev or locally. It's happening across entries, it doesn't seem to be specific to a certain entry. Any ...
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How to allow multiple entries to have the same slug?

Users create an account and their profile ( is a template pulling info from craft users. Each user can create entries, all stored in a Structure section (
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Commerce product slug creates duplicates - can they also be autogenerated?

The slug for products is generated from the Title, for example in my case "Green Shirt". Seems like these are not unique, and if I create a product later on, also called "Green Shirt", they both get "...
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How can I sync slugs within sites in the same Group?

I have a Craft site with approx. 13 Sites. They are grouped by language, e.g. German has Germany and Austria in it. Spanish has Spain and Mexico in it. I imported all content to the main groups ...