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Questions relating to learning materials, professionals, and helpful guides in the Craft CMS universe.

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How to I set the location folder of Control Panel resources?

I'm trying to use the ./craft clear-caches/all CLI command. Everything is working fine, except that I always get this error: Error clearing cache Control Panel resources: Unable to clear Control ...
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Audio file won't play using resourceUrl inside plugin

Essentially I'm moving a static HTML site into Craft. I've created a new plugin for the site and have gotten a good chunk of it working however I'm having an issue where audio files won't play. The ...
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Requesting SVGs from a plugins resources directory doesn't work

I have an SVG file in my plugins resources, I'd like to use the asset in the front end. {{ resourceUrl('cocktailrecipes/images/gin.svg') } It seems using the resourceURL() only allows a select few ...
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Visitor drop off since moving over to Craft CMS

Hi I've been managing my clients Wordpress site for over 7 years now and redesigned it a few times. Recently, I convinced my client to move over to Craft CMS and 4 months ago we went live with a new ...
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Where can I find someone to help build my Craft website?

We're looking to hire a talented developer to help us complete and/or maintain a project in Craft. We'd like to hire them for a limited contract, or possibly full-time employment. Where can I find a ...
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2 answers

How to find pros to take on maintenance/improvement of pre-existing sites built with Craft?

I know of the Craft Professionals page on Straight Up Craft, but I'm curious if there is a more targeted way to find Craft pros who are willing and able to take on maintenance of pre-existing Craft ...
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9 votes
4 answers

Any good tutorial for plugin developement? I am entirely lost

I understand Craft Templating pretty well, but when it comes to programmation I am entirely lost, I don't get how it works. I used to use CodeIgniter a lot, which is a MVC as you guys may know. In ...
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Are there any beginner Craft tutorials?

I've been building sites with ModX Revolution for about 4 months but I've heard great things about Craft. I downloaded and installed it and the interface looks great. To perform a detailed ...