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Server for new site fails server-check

Client purchased package on Web Hosting Canada. I have other clients using this company. I launched the site but /admin gives me Internal Server Error and phperrors.log says PHP Fatal error: [...
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Upgraded to PHP 7.1 - GD or ImageMagick is required

This question relates to two Craft sites running on the same server. One site is a production version, the other is staging. I use WHM v68 and EasyApache 4. Production is on PHP 5.5.38. Staging is on ...
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Your server doesn’t meet the following requirements to run Craft

Here's the error I get: "You have an insecure version of crypt installed. Please update PHP to 5.3.7 or later". I have PHP Version 5.3.2 installed on my Ubuntu server and cannot switch to a new ...
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Craft requires MySQL 5.1, got 5.1.73 and an error

I just moved my website on my production environment, and when I try to login, I get the "MySQL 5.1.0 is required..." So I did a phpinfo() and got Client API version 5.1.73 for MySQL. What did I do ...
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Craft.log showing Buggy iconv installed. Will fallback to mbstring

I'm curious if others are seeing a similar error in their Craft logs. It says: Buggy iconv installed. Will fallback to mbstring. It's repeated over and over seemingly with almost every request. ...
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Is there a quick way to check a server for Craft's minimum requirements?

Is there a quick way (or some sort of wizard) that can be run on a server in order to establish whether it fulfils Craft's minimum requirements without uploading all of the Craft files? Finding out ...
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