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How make custom order fields required with "event_define_rules" like a required address fields?

I want to make a craft commerce custom order field required (server side). I already use this for require the default address fields. But how to add custom fields? Because this is done on the Address ...
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Craft Commerce: make address phone telephone field required without JavaScript

Because I used a similar address model to the one supplied in the Craft Commerce templates, which essentially uses the same form partials for both address and billing, and also hides and shows the ...
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Make fields conditionally required

Is there a way to make fields conditionally required? I have a toggle field that is used to hide or show a section (see screenshot: "Section 3 enabled"). If the section is shown (toggle: on), the ...
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Where can you set a form field to required in the DB

Can someone point me to where in the DB you set a field as required? I am actually wanting to do this on a Sprout Forms field I am not sure if that makes a difference or not. I can't find which table ...
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How does Craft regard a Lightswitch field when it's set to Required in the Fields layout?

If I set a Lightswitch field as required, does that require it to be On? Is that valid at all? (Context: I'm using a Lightswitch in User fields to capture "I agree to the Terms & Conditions...", ...
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How can I skip a required field if is not in the form?

The problem is that I have a register page where I have 3 fields, Username, Email, Password. There is another page with some more fields which are required. So when I try to register a user form my ...
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Front end edit required asset

Since file inputs are not allowd to be pre-populated, how do i tell craft that a required asset field is already filled in the front end edit form? Can’t seem to figure this one out. Edit: Users can ...
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Required fields in the user profile

how to make required plane text fields or required firsrtName and lastName fields in users profile? I want to during the registration and profile changes were required. Maybe there is any plugin for ...
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How to use required fields on localised entries?

I'm building a multi-lingual site and have found Craft's locales / translatable fields useful for setting up structures where each page will have a translated version. However, for at least one of the ...
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Make fields required when using Guest Entries

This might be a bit of a Noob question but here I go: Using Guest Entries on a site and cannot figure out how to make certain fields required. Those fields are marked as required in the CP but, when ...
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