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How do i remove versions from a section after changing section settings to not store versions?

I have a section that i have changed from versioning to switching git off as I do not need them. I have also changed a field adding it as searchable. In order to reindex search field i tried CLI ...
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New entries only searchable by title field

I've recently done an upgrade of our site and am having issues with finding entries in the admin. I keep entries for people who register a product so we have fields like registrationSerial and ...
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2 answers

Updating Asset Indexes Fails with TemplatesController Not Found Error in Craft Logs

Client wants to be able to upload a 90MB .mp4 file to a local asset folder, that understandably throws a 'General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away'. I uploaded the file directly to the server ...
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An unknown error has occurred in asset reindex

I am getting the error: An unknown error occurred for each file in a folder when I try Update Asset Indexes. The folder is a local folder that is outside of webroot. The files just contain json data....
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4 votes
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Assets indexing from plugin controller

I am making a dashboard widget to trigger the assets indexing action. I got the controller ready but I do not understand then how to trigger the action. Should I go with AssetIndexTool? Then ...
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Update Asset Indexes on Login

I'm using an assets directory with Amazon S3 and I have to manually update the indexes through the control panel after uploading files externally. Does anyone know if it is possible to do anything ...
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1 answer

Trigger Update Asset Index from url endpoint

Is it possible to trigger an update of the asset indices from an url endpoint? I guess not, but is it planned to provide some kind of API?
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What would prevent my assets from reindexing on a local MAMP install

Having an issue with assets not reindexing from the Update Asset Indexes option. If I add new folders to the file system they do not appear after I run the Update Asset Indexes, if I upload them ...
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