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SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 5 Out of memory (Needed 418490224 bytes)

I'm building a webtoon with CraftCMS 4 but facing this issue: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 5 Out of memory (Needed 418490224 bytes) Screenshot: All entries are a ...
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Redis setup for a Craft 4 site - error OOM command not allowed when used memory > 'maxmemory'

I have set up Craft 4 to use Redis for all its cache (due to hosting requirements) I have worked my way through the docs and some SE posts plus Andrew's blog post. Everything seemed to be working ...
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Key prefix for redis mutex locks?

I have setup redis and redis mutex for a multi-container setup. 'mutex' => [ 'mutex' => 'yii\redis\Mutex', 'namePrefix' => 'mutex_', ], It works, I can see the mutex keys popup ...
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How does Craft CMS handle user's session with Redis

Let's say I installed latest version of Craft CMS (4.2.5) with no plugins or modules or any file that could modify current user's session. Just plain Craft CMS. When I went through records in Redis I ...
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Recommended Redis data eviction policy for Craft CMS

I have recently switched from memcached to Redis. The cache, session, template caching and mutex is now using Redis on a project. While Redis generally gets managed by Yii/Craft CMS, Redis features a ...
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Disable php-redis in Nitro

Due to a limitation at a Client's server environment (they do not have php-redis enabled) I need to imitate that setup with Nitro. I want to disable PHP's redis extension (C) and use https://github....
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error in production when using redis for cache and session

I've added this to the array that is returned in config/app.php: 'components' => [ 'redis' => [ 'class' => yii\redis\Connection::class, 'hostname' => App::...
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Craft is not installed yet with a REDIS error

Our website is on the latest version of Craft 3.4, using REDIS (redis_version: 4.0.9) for Sessions and Caching. Today the website stopped working with the well-known "Craft is not installed yet&...
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Redis cache memory usage

I’m runnung a few Craft sites with Redis cache enabled. It works fine. Except that Craft only uses around 3mb of Redis memory, with peaks up to 5, while there’s 128mb available. Is there a way to ...
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Craft 3 Redis configuration error

when following the information for enabling Redis in Craft 3, my site just refreshes to a blank screen with a "Internal server error" generic message. Reviewing the server logs reveals: ...
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Craft CMS 3 - Redis Sessions cause error

I've configured Redis to handle cache and sessions for Craft 3, and while cache configuration is working as expected, I had to disable session configuration due to the below error. It fails on the ...
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Control Panel Session 60 second Timeout

I’m on Craft v. 2.6.2983 and am encountering the well flagged issue of the control panel logging me out after 60 seconds. I've tried most of the solutions posted here and have had no success in ...
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Craft with Redis session handling

We've recently set up a Redis cluster to handle our PHP sessions since we use a load balancer to direct traffic into different craft instances. We're seeing issues with redis when making back to back ...
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Using PHP Redis as Session Store

I'm trying to use php-redis as the session store to my craftcms site. What I've tried: apt-get install php5-redis Edited php.ini with the following: session.save_handler = redis session.save_path = "...
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Expected performance benefit of using a non-file CacheMethod (Redis, Memcache)

I'm wondering what kind of performance increase, and in what situations, I might expect from using Redis or Memcache over the default file-based caching. I know template caching always comes from the ...
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