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Hosting server's preview URL doesn't allow me to access /admin control panel

I'm running craft 3. I just switched my hosting provider. They do preview URL's to the domains different than what I had before. The preview looks like this: https://(ip address):8090/preview/domain....
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Multi-site entries have incorrect preview target

I have a problem with preview links in a Craft multi-site configuration. We’re on Craft 3.7.x and have two sites: default and staff. Each site is configured with its own base URL, the default site is ...
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Craft CMS Preview Error

We're using Craft pro , when we click on the preview button, the preview loads ok for a few seconds, but then seems to load the homepage template repeatedly which results in the browser tab ...
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How to generate a preview URL in Twig

I have a template intended for administrators (separate from the Craft control panel) where I'd like to generate tokenized preview links for unpublished posts (the same URL you get when you click on ...
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Making changes to existing page - how do I make a draft page first?

I'm making extensive updates to our homepage. Before I dig in, I want to confirm the steps to create a draft without overwriting the existing page. Select the entry that requires changes Select "...
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If I try to preview a previous revision of an entry, I get "an unknown error occurred"

Craft 3.3.15 Previous version of the entry was saved 1 minute ago, so no changes in settings between the two entries. Any ideas on how to debug this? Update - here's the error, which looks very ...
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Craft Pro 3.1.33 - Download PDF in admin user profile

In Craft 3 Pro i need to download a PDF file that a template form submits to active user profile. The PDF submits from the front and goes to the admin area under the user account profile. The ...
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Live Preview not showing content, Craft 3

I use the same templates for live preview as for the front end. Until a recent change in Craft 3, they worked fine for live preview, then they stopped showing most fields. I use a lot of includes to ...
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