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Is it possible to take a partial payment of an order in Craft Commerce?

I have a request from a client to be able to take deposits for events purchased through craft commerce. These are high ticket items and customers would like to spread the cost of payment over several ...
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Trimming lastSegment from a URI trims that PLUS the last number of the previous segment

I am fairly new to twig and templating with Craft (and I have inherited this code, so that makes it even more fun). I have a calendar page that lets you filter the events in the calendar based on a ...
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Upcoming events from specific groups using Venti

I'm new to both Craft and Venti so apologies if this is quite basic. I've got multiple groups setup using Venti and multiple events within these groups. On the client side I just want to display the ...
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Venti Calendar URL

I have contacted support and looked in the usual places, it's the weekend so might not be till Monday that I hear back from support. Issue is that I cannot seem to get the URL right when displaying a ...
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2 answers

What is the benefit of using a calendar event plugin or building your own?

I am looking at purchasing Venti 2 for events and also what it takes to build my own plugin. Does anyone know what kind of time it takes to build a plugin that does reoccurring dates, categories and ...
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How do you use the Venti Calendar plugin with the Element API plugin?

I want an endpoint in the Element API plugin that shows the last event entries from the Venti Calendar plugin. The Element API guide tells that's possible to use the plugin with custom element types. ...
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15 votes
4 answers

Events calendar for Craft - which one should I use?

The current state of events/calendars in Craft is: Calendars - Venti - Solspace Calendar -
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Venti fieldtype bug [closed]

I've added a Venti fieldtype to an entry and when I try to save it as an all-day event it says Couldn't save entry Start Date and time must be set. End Date and time must be set. Help appreciated!
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Search Between 2 Dates Venti Calendar Plugin

I am using the Venti Events Calendar Plugin. I was wondering how I could go about searching for events between 2 dates. I can display events between 2 dates below, using the .between parameter. But I ...
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Help with Venti Events Plugin

I'm using the Venti events plugin to add recurring events to my site. However, I just want to show the most upcoming event and not all of them. This is a listing page which lists all of my events. ...
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