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How to import LinkIt (custom) fieldtype with Feed Me into Super Table

I'm trying to import a LinkIt fieldtype into a Super Table with the Feed Me plugin. I've tried several ways but doesn't seem to be working. The part in my json which gets mapped to the Super Table ...
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Advanced queries with Super Table

I have three channels: Events, stages and artists. An artist is added to a timetable super table field in the stage channel. In the event, I have a stages field where I select stages. Events also ...
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Search if Super Table Field Has Rows

I have a section with a super table field, and I only want to display entries in that section if the super table field has rows (so basically a "not empty" search). How do I do this? I tried using the ...
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Querying a supertable field

I have an entry type called people which has a superTable field called programmeAffiliations, with three fields, jobTitle, researchProgramme, primary where: researchProgramme is a category field (...
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Query on Super Table field's entry field

I have a section with a Super Table field that has an entry field. Now I want to find the entries that have a relation to that entry. I found this answer here. This but I can not get it to work with ...
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Finding Super Table field in matrix field

I am writing an importer that pulls from a separate MySQL database into Craft 3, and for the most part it's been quite simple to do. However, I set myself up for some complication by having a Super ...
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Searching multiple Super Table columns against an established value

I currently have three global Super Table fields, global.berkeleyDeliveryMatrix, global.oaklandDeliveryMatrix and global.sanFranciscoDeliveryMatrix, all of which have a plaintext column in them titled ...
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How can I list all entries that have a populated Freeform Form field?

The Freeform Form field can either be a direct custom field of the entry, or it may be inside a Matrix field's blocks or be a Super Table field. Ideally, I'd like to do this performantly, and either ...
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Storing a Matrix block data in a variable

Having an issue searching a Matrix field for a block with a certain value and storing the entire block in a variable. Right now it only seems to be storing the location value. The navigations field is ...
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