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2 answers

How to add a facebook and twitter share button on a page

I would like to add a facebook and a twitter share button to some pages of our sites. Our site already has a facebook and twitter button at some pages. Those buttons redirect to our corresponding ...
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1 answer

Social sharing plugin for Craft 3

Is there a social sharing plugin ready for Craft 3? There is no listing in the new plugin store nor do the V2 offer a revision.
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3 votes
0 answers

Dukt Social Plugin Not Creating User

I'm currently Authenticating users via OAuth and Social Login by Dukt. I have Facebook app all set up and running as well as Twitter. The user gets redirected, asked to Authorise but when it returns ...
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User not showing in the user list in the CP but has profile after social login?

Something strange going on with the user listings in the CP. Using craft v2.6.2794 and social logins v 1.2.4. I am using the social logins plugin for craft 2 and just updated it to the latest version....
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Social Login plugin question

I am using the Social Login plugin from Dukt. It mentions in the configuration instructions to add things to a social.php file that you place in craft>config. I've done that, but I assume I'm doing ...
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1 answer

Does Craft Commerce support One Time Password and Social Login features?

I have just started reviewing this plugin for e-commerce development. Fully featured though it is, I wanted to know if Craft Commerce can also support custom auth (login and registration) features ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Restricted front-end access

As per the flow diagram below I want to restrict access for users outside my network. However rather then completely stopping external access I want them to be redirected to a login page where they ...
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1 answer

Complete user profile after social public registration

I use Dukt plugins (-oauth and -social) for public front-end registration. I would like complete user profile after registration (e.g. license agreement checkbox). How is it possible to accomplish ...
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