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How to run Sprout Forms action from a controller to implement Google reCAPTCHA?

I'm using Sprout Forms V3 on Craft 3. I'm trying to handle the submit within a controller. This choice is made to add a custom logic, to implement a Google reCAPTCHA (as the official Sprout's plugin ...
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1 answer

Wrong default site

I want to use the recaptcha plugin but I get a JS error because the script is looking at the wrong site. The plugin is using"POST", "/{{
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Class 'Craft' not found

I am new to PHP and trying to call reCaptcha API in CraftCMS. I have the following variable: $captcha = Craft::$app->getRequest()->getParam('g-recaptcha-response'); But I get the following ...
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Using Recaptcha v2 and Guest Entries plugin

How can I prevent bots from sending tons of messages from a frontend form, it uses the Craft Guest Entries plugin. I'm using Recaptcha 2 but it only hides the submit button and it doesn't work using ...
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Craft reCAPTCHA Plugin (Matt West)

Has anyone tried using the Craft reCAPTCHA plugin from Matt West? The issue I am experiencing is that if a Contact Form is submitted without ticking the reCAPTCHA widget, the form does not submit - ...
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