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Can the Return URL within forms link to an external url?

I'm building a form and would like to either have the "submit" button drive to an external URL, or to a page on my site that redirects to an external URL. I can't find a way to make this ...
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Express Form: Get submitted data on success page

I have a very simple question. In Craft CMS, using Express Forms (free edition), I have a classic scenario. Page with the form, created by the form.openTag() method A success page which has '/success'...
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Add Salesforce Lead record with file attachment

Can anyone know if it is possible to upload a file to the SalesForce service using the Freeform, Express form or another plugin...? (i.e. need to add Lead record with file attachment) Thanks
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Express Forms Not Sending Notification Emails

Craft Express Forms 1.0.4 I have an Express Forms set up. It submits and saves entries to the DB which can be viewed in the CP, however email notifications are not sent. Sending a test email ...
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Express forms plaintext email template

Is there any way to send a plaintext email with the "express forms" plugin? Can't seem to find a way to define it, and no information about it in the documentation. The mail should be in plain text, ...
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