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Craft Commerce: Sell digital products from pool of predefined license keys

We’ve been asked to build a shop to sell e-books. The e-books are published by a third party and we will receive a list of pre-defined license keys (thus stock can run out). The plugin Digital ...
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PDF creation with password

My client is setting up a digital downloads shop (PDF's) and has a requirement that after one or multiple products are purchased the PDF's are then available for download. He wants one or more of the ...
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Is it possible to add to cart with a radio input rather than a select?

I'd like to add a digital product to the cart using a radio input but all the template examples I see use select. Is it possible to use a radio input? With Select (working): <select name="...
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How to access a digital products information on the products page in Craft Commerce?

I have created a digital product type and a digital product but strangely on the digital products template I can't access any information regarding the product like for example, entry.title. I'm ...
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Hide or obfuscate Digital Product file path?

What's the best way to hide the URL from the user/browser task bar? The only way I can get the link to work for a customer is to select the "Assets have public URL", which I really would prefer not to....
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Craft Commerce Digital Products delete multiples

Craft Commerce Digital Products: Why aren't there checkboxes next to the product names so I can delete multiple items at once? It exists in regular Craft Commerce Products.
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Dynamic Macro Variable

We're using the Digital Products plugin from Pixel and Tonic to sell 6 different types of products. I've set up a macro with matching icons for each of the product types (image, video, etc). On our ...
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How do you apply a sale/discount to digital products?

When using the digital products plugin, is there a way to apply a sale or discount to these products? This answer mentions a digital product only has a price property and not a salePrice property. ...
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Selling products with a digital variant using Craft Commerce

Is it possible to sell products using Craft Commerce, where the product may have digital AND non-digital variants? For example, a greeting card, might be available as a printed card but also as a ...
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Set a maximum quantity for cart items

I’m using the Digital Products plugin to sell licenses so that users are listed on the site for a certain amount of time. The options are something like "buy 3 month", "buy 6 month" etc. You see, the ...
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How do I query for all users that bought a license?

I’m trying to use Craft Commerce with the Digital Products plugin for a site where users can pay for being listed on that site. Therefore I need to query for all users with certain criterias plus a ...
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How do I actually add a Digital Product to an order?

I'm trying to use the fresh new Digital Products plugin in my website. I managed to create some products and assigned licenses, I see some licenses when I log in as an end user - but the last link ...
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