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1 answer

Commerce: How to update an order status via the frontend

Is there a way to edit an orders status via a frontend template?
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1 answer

Commerce: what is the purpose of a line item's snapshot?

Having nearly completed my first real Commerce project, I managed to utilize most of the features offered in Commerce 3. However, I never quite figured out what the use of a line item's snapshot is ...
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2 answers

How to create a faceted search/facet filter in Craft Commerce

I want to create these kinds of filters on my Craft Commerce site: I have poked around with the Faceted Navigation plugin, but haven't gotten it to work the way I want yet (posted an issue about high ...
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Craft Commerce — Update order status from frontend?

Following on from this question Commerce: How to update an order status via the frontend We'd like to make it easy for delivery drivers to update the status of a craft commerce order, from a frontend ...
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