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Job queue always failed to sync data into api/graphql with Getting unknown property of service

i have build a module to send entry value into a graphql mutation. so far running and succesfully, now with craft 4 (actually as 4.4.0), i plan to use job queue of craft. i add into queue before sync ...
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"Missing template" when omitting file extensions (.html.twig) or underscore

I'd like to be able to only have to refer to a file by it's name, just like it works in JS (e.g. import './js/scripts') and SCSS (e.g. @import './variables'), without the need for file extensions or ...
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GIT shows multiple changes in project config, only line breaks are different (Mac)

Whenever I change something locally (Mac) in Craft (running in Nitro) which modifies my project-config, GIT (in PhpStorm) shows me many more changes in the change-list than necessary: Files are ...
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