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Fetch pending entries with GraphQL

I'm setting up Craft to be used headlessly with a mobile app, and content will be created several days before it is published. I want app admins to be able to see upcoming/pending entries. Is there a ...
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live and pending entries together not working

Craft 3.0.37 I have the following code which I expect to output all entries (live and pending) but it doesn't <ul> {% for entry in craft.entries.section('podcast').status('live','pending')....
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Cache not invalidating when using pagination with cache

Any idea why this code wouldn’t update/break the cache when new items are created? Think perhaps the combination of my code for pagination, cache and the ability to also break for pending entries isn'...
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Set status 'pending' on Guest Entry form

I'm using P&T's Guest Entries plugin along with my front end entry forms. All working fine except I want front end entries submitted with status 'pending'. Thought this would be pretty ...
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Editorial workflow / custom status

Currently my editors do not know when new content submitted by a user without publishing permissions is ready to be reviewed. The status of "disabled" could refer to an in-progress draft or a ...
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How can I cache a list of entries with pending postDates and have it automatically invalidate the cache appropriately?

I have a listing page of entries, some of which may have future-dated postDates. I want to cache the output, but only until one of the pending entries goes live.
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How do I find live and pending entries when using an array?

I have this in my listings template, but the 'pending' parameter does not seem to work. {% set urlCat = craft.request.getSegment(3) %} {% set category = craft.categories.slug( urlCat ) %} {% set ...
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