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Optimise this repeated entry query? (which groups entries by a shared field value)

This loop containing a query is (surprise surprise) proving very intensive. There is also a second very similar query on the page to get all of the events related to this year and list them by just ...
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Eager loading results in more queries

From what I understand it is wise to always eager load assets, I used it successfully in other cases, but here it results in a more queries, not fewer. I am trying to eager load an asset in a matrix ...
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Why is Craft loading jQuery via cpresources? And can I stop it?

I've been doing some performance checks on a website I'm building, and noticed that jQuery 3.5.1 is being loaded via cpresources: Why is it doing this? And can I stop it? I'm already loading jQuery 3....
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Optimize heavy query

I'm trying to show the nutrition information for restaurants using the following snippet {% set nutrition = craft.entries.section('nutrition').Ids() %} {% set ...
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Database Query in debugger consistently showing over 2000ms

In trying to optimize my Craft 3 site, I have discovered that it's apparently taking longer than expected to query my database. The duration for the apparent culprit is typically between 1900 and ...
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Page with Matrix field slow to load

I am fairly new to Craft CMS but have a good understanding of it. I have a page that has a Matrix field to display staff photos and their roles. On the initial load of this page, it is slow, it takes ...
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Deleted matrix block means deleted data?

If I delete the Matrix block content (while editing an entry) does the associated is deleted as well or only the block but its data still remains in db?
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Optimizing With Http2 In Mind

My main config is Apache/Centos 7/WHM/Redis/OPCache/PHP7.1/MariaDb/PHP-fpm/Http2 and have optimized my server to a great degree. It's a 32GB dedicated HexaCore. I have worked really diligent to get ...
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Plugin loading scheme

This is a fairly generalized question, maybe I completely missed where to learn about this, but I've always been curious about it as it'd help me be a little more aware of what would and would not be ...
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Optimizing pagespeed

I'm not sure what is the cause for this page rendering so slow. I thought it was the image transforms but I've removed them and still it's really slow to render. Page in question: http://dharmaavenue....
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