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Authorize and charge later with Stripe

I know Commerce allows you to just authorize and pay later but the 'pay later' scenario requires re-entering the credit card details. We have a flow that requires the admin to be able to charge a user ...
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Craft Commerce cart timing out but allowing order to be processed

We had a Stripe order go through recently, where the order value was zero and there were no line items. The client has called the customer to figure out what happened: The customer added a product to ...
1 vote
1 answer

Getting Stripe to work with Commerce

We're using Stripe for an ecomm project that we're testing out right now and nothing is hitting Stripe. If we use a bad card number (per Stripe's docs) like 4000000000000002, the order still goes ...
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Disable Stripe email notifications from Commerce

When a customer completes an order using Stripe they get an email notification from Stripe. I have configured notifications to be sent from Craft and would like them to only get those emails. After ...
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Create an alternate Stripe Payment Method

Instead of taking payment via the Omnipay/Stripe Payment Method, what I'm trying to do is just create a new Customer and Credit Card on Stripe during Checkout, no payment taken at all at this stage. ...