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getTransactionByHash() must be of the type string, null given

I'm building my first Payment Gateway (offsite gateway) for Commerce 2. This one is for Moneris. I'm hitting an error when the page returns the response. Argument 1 passed to craft\commerce\...
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1 answer

Need to access each item's converted price from payment gateway

I am trying to implement multi currency to my payment gateway plugin. I need to get converted price of the line item. Each item from Omnipay\Common\Item has the price of non converted, main price of ...
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1 answer
172 views not connecting in Craft Commerce?

I'm very lost with the gateway. It seems that is highly supported with Craft Commerce but the gateway isn't working. I had the dummy gateway working perfectly fine so that when I'd go ...
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Handoff to Paypal Express with Craft Commerce

I'm running into issues handing off a cart transaction to Paypal Express. I've set the paymentMethodId correctly on the cart, but when I submit to commerce/payments/pay I am only getting redirected to ...
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Commerce PaymentGateway configuration

So I made an account with MultiSafePay: Added my website where i need to get payments from. Filled in the API key and Locale Enabled it for customers (me) Changed the Gateway of MultiSafepay from ...
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