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Everything comes null when I try to filter entries by category - Craftcms 3

There's an issue when I filtering by categories but everything comes null, I was debugging code but all the entries has the same problem! But I don't know why does this happens? The entry comes well ...
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Macro for entry loop causing 'null' variable template error

I am new to the concept of Twig templates and I can’t get it right from the documentation … What I am trying to achieve is to have a reusable Blogroll snippet that outputs entries in different ...
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How to check for a value OR NULL on custom enddate field using yii syntax when calling entries?

I have a section of 'deals/coupons' with custom startDate and endDate. These are needed so the client can load up a bunch of deals but only have them render to the page when a particular deal is '...
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craft.request.getParam('entryId') returns null on edit page of an entry

I have a plugin that's loaded on the edit page of an entry. Whenever I open the entry edit page, I would like to retrieve the id of this particular entry. I've tried this: {% set someId = craft....
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Template variables from active record on NULL value

I have a template variable thus public function twitterAccounts() { return craft()->myPlugin->getAllAccounts(); //Craft::dd(craft()->myPlugin->getAllAccounts()); } it calls the ...
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Best way to deal with Impossible to access an attribute ("isEditable") on a NULL variable ("")

I've had this issue a few times & wanted to know if there is maybe a better way to deal with the following issue: Say I have this if on a page: {% if entry.isEditable %} <a href="{{ entry....
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2 answers

What's the difference between "is defined" and "is not null"?

{% if var is defined %} and {% if var is not null %} Is there a difference in usage of them?
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