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Sort entries by separate related entries count

I am working on a sprig board that filters out Lessons from a structure in Craft. This screenshot better illustrates this and how it works. The main table is built using the following: {# Sets default ...
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Help with correct syntax regarding multisort please

Hi hoping for a quick resolution on this as a lot of scripting relies upon it. I have an array: {% set furniture = [ { 'name': 'chair', 'price': '100' }, { '...
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Multisort flag doesn't seem to work

The multisort flag for arrays doesn't work the way I'm trying it. This is how I'm using it. {% for conv in conversations|multisort(['postDate'],['SORT_DESC']) %} This is the error I keep getting. ...
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Syntax for Multisort Filter

I am trying to use the new multisort filter to sort an array in reverse order using a date key, but can't seem to figure out the correct syntax. Here is what I have: {% for rides in allRides|...
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