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'Not authorized to access this resource' when logged in user clicks download link

A user has received this message 'Not authorized to access this resource' when logged in and attempting to download a file by a link. The file was a .zip. I've tested this, but could not replicate the ...
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How to keep staging install synced with member registration

What is the best way to keep live and staging environments synced with member registrations? I can export/import the database from the live to staging environment to keep it in sync - and have a ...
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Front end member uploader

Hi I'm fairly new still to CraftCMS. I built one website with it a few years ago and have tinkered with it ever since and I do like it a lot. What I've been asked to do is create a website directory ...
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Bulk selecting Members and then including them in an email to another specific Member in a different member group

I'm wondering if the following is possible within CraftCMS and suggestions for making it happen? We have two Member groups (Customers and Contractors). When a Customer makes an enquiry they complete ...
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Subscription with Craft Commerce

I am using Craft Commerce v2 plugin with Craft CMS v3 with one of my site which basically sells kid products. It's a subscription website and ones some parent subscribe for any kids package, they ...
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Craft - suitability for membership/user registration and document upload/management

I have created about 30 sites using Perch but find it somewhat frustrating, especially the support. Considering using Craft for my next project but can it handle: Membership/user registration. Ie can ...
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Importing members from EE without password reset

We've rewritten an EE site on Craft and now need to import the members. My understanding is that since passwords are hashed & not encrypted there is no way to transfer the passwords from EE to ...'s user avatar
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How can I check a user has completed a field in their profile after log in?

I'm sure I've seen this documented somewhere but can't for the life of me find it. After login I need to check the user's profile for an empty field (e.g. phone number) and redirect them to a reminder ...
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Some paths and settings being ignored in config

I've tried to set some things in my general.php config file but they're being ignored. I have the following but all are being ignored. For example, when the user receives the activation email, upon ...
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How can I restrict assets on a per-file basis?

I found this post about restricting an entire asset source and placing it below the root level: Is it possible to have secure (private) assets? What I'd really like to do is be able to set the ...
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How to set cookie and redirect to page one time

How can I redirect a member to account page on first visit with a cookie set? My redirect is looping now. {% if currentUser %} {% set name = currentUser.firstName %} {% do craft.lj_cookies.set(...
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Looking for a private commenting solution for member area

I've had a look through some previous posts and the craft docs and it doesn't look like anyone has done anything similar to what I want. Essentially I have a 'client area' where a user can log in and ...
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Pass URL parameter through General Config file

This may sound a little odd so let me explain what's going on. In my current setup I have allowed new users to sign up. I want these users to follow this flow: Fill up sign up form and submit Gets ...
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What can we do to help avoid member activation emails going to spam?

We have a new Craft site that includes front-end member registration. We've heard from the client that many of the activation emails are getting stuck in spam filters (and I just tested with the same ...
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Importing Members from ExpressionEngine

I'm experimenting with migrating a large site from EE to Craft to take advantage of the performance improvements for an upcoming site redesign. I see there are some plugins that work well to import ...
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Discussion forum

I know this has been discussed a little bit on here, but I'm asking if any one has successfully implemented a Members Discussion Forum using CraftCMS ? Or, if anyone knows of an add-on roadmap to ...
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Member ControlPanel Logs?

Are there some logs which tell, what the member does in the backend? Something like: "User: «John Doe» Edited this entry at this and that date". Just a bit more information than what is written on ...
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