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Nitro: how risky is it to dev using MariaDB and then go live with MySQL?

Nitro does not support MySQL for Apple Silicon, but you can use MariaDB interchangeably. I'm using an Apple Silicon computer, and my server run with MySQL only. However, as read in the Craft Database ...
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DB CPU running at 100%, Pages Never Load, Moving from MySQL to MariaDB

I've been running a somewhat busy database (~800Mb) in GCP SQL. Due to the cost of it I've been working on migrating to a custom server running MariaDB. Which I'd heard could be much more cost ...
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How do you change from MySQL 5.7 to MySQL 8 in Nitro on MacOS

I usually use Nitro and docker to run Craft. Nitro created a Docker container with MySQL 5.7. How can I change that version to MySQL 8?
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Database driver & version after server upgrade

The server I'm running Craft installations on just got an upgrade to Ubuntu 20 with MariaDB 10.5 Before MySql 5.7 was used. When I look at the System Report in the Craft CP, it says: Database driver &...
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