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Site not found error when running Craft CMS behind a loadbalancer in a container

I've been asked to deploy a Craft instance via an image in Azure Kubernetes Service, and I'm having a bit of an issue getting the site up and running - we're seeing a "Site Not Found" ...
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AWS Load Balancer - Assets Uploads

We have two ec2 instances and a private IP db instance along with a Amazon Load Balancer. Is there a way to upload images on CraftCMS domain pointing to a load balancer? Right now the assets image ...
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file based cache and runtime files in load-balanced environments

We are currently setting up 2 Craft webservers behind a load balancer with sticky sessions. What I am wondering: Is there any need, that the file based cache needs to be somehow switched to a shared ...
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Very slow `INSERT` transactions on the resourcepaths table

After a recent update (Craft 3.4.x to 3.5.x) I'm seeing some suspiciously slow response times in relation to INSERT actions on the resourcepaths table. Some in the upwards of a half second for a ...
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AWS EC2, Load Balancer and Updating Craft

I have a pretty large Craft site that needs to be load balanced with multiple ec2 instances and one RDS mysql instance. Everything is working great, except for I noticed that if I get to the admin ...
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Load Balancing Craft CMS - Admin gets logged out instantly

We are load balancing 2 servers hosting an identical Craft environment. When clicking around in the admin a user will get logged out after 30 seconds and sometimes even faster when browsing in the ...
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Craft CMS, Amazon EC2 & Load balancers

I am looking for a simple solution & if possible resources on how to go about getting Craft CMS setup behind a load balancer. Craft CMS is going to be hosted on AWS EC2 instance, I have MySQL on a ...
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validationKey on load balanced enviornments

In the Craft docs for validationKey config settings, it states that validationKey should be used in load-balanced environments. I'm curious on how to set this up for a load-balanced site. Does each ...
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