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Hubspot integration form data syncs only after logging in to craft cms control panel

Currently I have set up the new integration using Hubspot's private app's access token for my craft cms site. The integration seems to be working fine except that the messages from my craft cms form ...
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Sending Craft Commerce Orders to

I know similar questions have been asked before... but they are a bit dated and there was never a clear answer. I'm looking to send order information from Craft Commerce to It's a ...
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Lightspeed retail POS integration with Craft Commerce

Does anyone know of a plugin to integrate Lightspeed retail and Craft Commerce?
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Add Salesforce Lead record with file attachment

Can anyone know if it is possible to upload a file to the SalesForce service using the Freeform, Express form or another plugin...? (i.e. need to add Lead record with file attachment) Thanks
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How do I push contact form data to SugarCRM? (currently using Sprout Forms)

SugarCRM has a REST API, and Craft boasts its ability to integrate with almost anything that has an API; however, I am working on a site that uses Sprout Forms, which doesn't mention anything in their ...
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POS integration with Craft Commerce

My client has an online store that we are building with 10 or so products. They will also have a high street store which sells the exact same products. Is it possible to integrate Craft Commerce with ...
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SCORM Player in Craft

Has anyone ever tried and/or succeeded at integrating a SCORM player with Craft? I'd like to "roll my own" LMS in Craft because Moodle is WAY overkill, but I need to be able to deliver SCORM content, ...
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How to integrate Craft Commerce with Salesforce?

We're looking for a way to integrate Craft Commerce with Salesforce. What are the options there? Is there a Craft API to talk to? (I can't seem to be able to find it...) And the other option is to ...
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Creating a multi-dimensional Photo Gallery on Craft CMS

I'm currently working with a client who has several hundred photos in a gallery. The gallery consists of albums within albums. The link to their current gallery is here:
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Is there a way to integrate Craft with Magento?

Is there a method or for integrating Craft with Magento? We have a new project coming up and we've done this with EE, but would like to try with Craft. Ideally it would be a single login, but if ...
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