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Webp not available in image transformations although set up

I have already done some research and have not found anything related to my specific problem. Quite some time ago I installed Imagick on my VPS and thus enabled the use of the Webp image format in the ...
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Why do image Transformations never finish rendering regardless if I use GD2 or ImageMagick?

I'm running Craft 2 with PHP 5.6.40 on a Windows 2019 Server under IIS (x64, non-thread-safe, FastCGI). PHP -m doesn't show any issues with my extensions, regardless if I use GD2 or ImageMagick. But ...
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Animated GIFs not working in Craft with ImageMagick installed

When I upload a GIF I either get the first frame or a garbled image ( Looking around at similar questions, Craft needs ImageMagick installed to properly ...
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Image driver error: "Class 'Imagine\Gd\Imagine' not found"

I recently migrated an inherited site to a Digital Ocean VPS (LAMP, PHP 7.2, Craft 3.4.9). When I visit /admin/utilities/system-report I receive the following error: Class 'Imagine\Gd\Imagine' not ...
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Why is Craft storing so much temporary files inside the server tmp folder?

For several websites (Craft CMS 2 & 3), servers ran out ot storage even if these websites were not storing a lot of assets. After looking for why, I ended up in the temporary (tmp/) folder of ...
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Internal Server Error - The file does not appear to be an image

On a live environment I'm hitting an error when uploading some jpg images, which wasn't a problem on dev or production. I can get around it by re-exporting the image out and keeping it under 1mb, but ...
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Assets are not loading anymore (maybe an update)

I just noticed that I can't see my files if I go into the assets section. An Error blinks up and says "An unknown error occurred". In the front-end, I see every file and I can upload files to an asset ...
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How to include and use native imagemagick on server in Craft?

Craft v2.6.x I want to write a plugin to grab thumbnails of PDFs. I have my stand alone php code with imagemagick on server working like this: $im = new Imagick(); $pdf = 'assets/documents/...
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Upgraded to PHP 7.1 - GD or ImageMagick is required

This question relates to two Craft sites running on the same server. One site is a production version, the other is staging. I use WHM v68 and EasyApache 4. Production is on PHP 5.5.38. Staging is on ...
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Uploading PDFs with Imagick extension enabled seems to rasterize and compress the PDFs

Uploading PDFs to Craft3 with Imagick extension enabled seems to rasterize and compress the PDFs. Also, if I manually swap out the files after upload, it works fine until I have to edit something in ...
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Imagick installation passed with warnings

I have installed imagick on my amazon lightsail lamp instance like so: apt-get install imagemagick apt-get install php5-imagick Unfortunately craft tells me that the ImageMagick extension has Passed ...
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Images containing EXIF orientation tag are not rotated on upload

The Craft CMS instance where I noticed this is running version 2.6, but I updated it last month from version 2.2. While we did not notice any problem, according to the client, they were able to ...
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Craft\Exception on saving entries having images

I have created a new entry in which user can also add images(already uploaded or new upload) I can save entry successfully if I don't add any images to it. When I add any image and try to save the ...
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ImageMagick gif transform breaking

It seems that suddenly my image transforms are breaking gif animations. Weirdly, things were working fine for a couple of weeks and only recently I've been unable to upload new animated gifs. Here's ...
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Cannot upload assets when Imagick is set as image driver [closed]

EDIT after resolving: offtopic since the issue was that the php extension for ImageMagick was not installed on the server - therefore not Craft-related. Because .gif's were not being transformed ...
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Asset transform messing with color

I have a client with very stringent concerns over acurate color in thier images. They have noticed that image resized from Craft have some dramatic color discrepancies, which I have verified. It's ...
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