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How to get the nginx deny functionality to work for Heroku using heroku-buildpack-nginx?

I am a novice to Nginx, but I have my app hosted on Heroku and I am using heroku-buildpack-nginx to add Nginx on my project. There is a Fastly layer in front of the app, but I am trying to use Nginx's ...
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Craft suddenly no longer works on Heroku

I’ve suddenly started having problems with Craft on Heroku. It worked fine for a while but if I composer install anything later than Craft 3.2 I get the same error back from Heroku: 2020-02-21T01:22:...
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How do you deploy Craft 3 on Heroku with Postgres?

I'm relatively new to Craft 3, and am able to run Craft locally with a Postgres db and Valet as my server. When I try to deploy to Heroku, I run into issues with (I think) Postgres. Background I ...
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Plugins get removed after publishing to Heroku

I'm using Heroku and every time I push changes to Heroku, the plugins installed from the plugin store get removed. Do I need to add them to my composer file manually?
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Getting Craft's storage folder to work on Heroku

I'm using Heroku to host a Craft 3 site, and it's working fine, apart from the fact that Craft isn't able to write to the /storage folder (or anywhere else, for that matter). Consequently, the ...
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