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Reading transformed image data in plugin

I'm working with images in a plugin but getting a bit stuck reading a transformed image. Given the following code: $assetTransform = new AssetTransform([ 'mode' => 'stretch', 'width' => ...
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Why do image Transformations never finish rendering regardless if I use GD2 or ImageMagick?

I'm running Craft 2 with PHP 5.6.40 on a Windows 2019 Server under IIS (x64, non-thread-safe, FastCGI). PHP -m doesn't show any issues with my extensions, regardless if I use GD2 or ImageMagick. But ...
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Image driver error: "Class 'Imagine\Gd\Imagine' not found"

I recently migrated an inherited site to a Digital Ocean VPS (LAMP, PHP 7.2, Craft 3.4.9). When I visit /admin/utilities/system-report I receive the following error: Class 'Imagine\Gd\Imagine' not ...
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Internal Server Error - The file does not appear to be an image

On a live environment I'm hitting an error when uploading some jpg images, which wasn't a problem on dev or production. I can get around it by re-exporting the image out and keeping it under 1mb, but ...
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