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The frontend-form tag should be used for any question related to forms build on the front-end.

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How do you set a user's group on a registration form?

In a registration form with public signup possible, how do you set the user group for a particular form? As a stop-gap I am attempting to use the following code: function init() { craft()->on(...
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AJAX Front-end User Registration Form not displaying macro errorList

I have a user registration form on my Front-end which is submitted with Ajax which works fine. The only problem is that if I have any errors, like an already in use username they wont be displayed. ...
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How can I edit multiple entries via multiple front-end forms using Vue.js?

I found this post. However, writing a plugin in currently not an option, and I'd like to do this with Vue.js since I'm already using it for form validation & other stuff. Also, this involves ...
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