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ImageTransform Focal Point Cache Busting

I have a Question about image transform focal point behavior. Twig templating or with php. Getting the url of an asset with a transform $asset->getUrl('transformer') If i am understanding the ...
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'Unable to find component class 'FocusPoint_FocusPoint' - Craft CMS 3 Migrating from Focus Point Fields

I am migrating from Craft 2 to Craft 3 where images have Focus Point fields. I've followed Dan Hoerr's FocalPoint Migration (migration guide) And the php migrate script seems to have run successfully,...
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Is there a way to reset the focal point in Craft?

As the question states. Is it possible to reset the focal point in the CMS? I cannot see any obvious setting? If not could this perhaps be a feature request for a reset focal point button?
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Craft isn't regenerating the image transform when the focal point changes

I've got a basic image transform in a template: {% set crop = { mode: 'crop', width: 560, height: 550, quality: 80 } %} <img src="{{ image.getUrl(crop) }}"> Once the ...
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