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Asset field in custom element field layout not saved

I am creating a plugin with a number of custom elements. Being new to craft, I have come a long way using documentation and skimming existing code. I am stuck on the following issue. I added a field ...
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Craft 3 js - extend the field layout designer field settings

I would like to have the ability to include a custom option in the field layout designer field settings. There is already a plugin for Craft 2 that uses this feature Relabel for Craft And I would ...
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1 answer

Using a field multiple times in a single template

we have a problem over and over again and I wonder if we're missing something. Using bootstrap we have a matrix field, let's call it Grid, that has blocks like "full column" "half column" etc. It's ...
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List out all "Layout Tabs" in the frontend

I have a few tabs in my "Field Layout Design", and I wondered if there was a way to list the titles of each one, in the frontend? Something basic like: <ul> <li>Services</li> &...
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Entries retain field data that has been removed from entry type layout

I have a single page section titled "About". At one point, I had assigned a "text" Rich Text field to the entry type layout. I then put some filler text in this field and saved the entry. Later I ...
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How can I display fields from Field Layout Designer in the template?

I'm working on a plugin that lets you create multiple forms. For each form I have a Field Layout Designer that lets you add fields from the fields groups. My question is how can I display those ...
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How can I test if there are any changes in the Drag/Drop Field Layout Designer?

I've created a custom element type with it's own Field Layout Designer. The details about the custom element can be modified in the same form where the Field Layout Designer exists. There is also a ...
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