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Craft Commerce - Different confirmation email address for different product types or category

On a website I will be setting up there will be different ranges/types of products. Basically purchased from different departments within the organisation. I can filter the products in different ways ...
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User notifications/subscriptions to content

I'm quoting on a project where users need to receive email notifications/subscriptions to content updates. Essentially they should be able to login to the site and once on a page subscribe to that ...
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Passing variables to email template not working

I am building a Craft plugin which sends emails to users of a subscribed list. I'm trying to get Craft to send the email with a Twig template and pass in variables to that template. So far I've been ...
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send e-mails via smtp without authentification

I try to send e-mails via SMTP without authentification and I'm getting the following error: There was an error testing your email settings. I checked my setup on No ...
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Redactor has destroyed my mailto links, now what?

I migrated from EE > CraftCMS. The email links in my EE WYGWAM fields were encoded as JS. When we imported to CraftCMS we lost all of those links. They now look like this: <a>[email protected]</...
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User Registration Form: Empty Email

I am using Craft 3 with the default Craft 3 user registration form. Whenever I register I get an empty email. If I go to the cms and manually click on 'send activation email' I get a correct ...
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How Do I Use Channel Entry Data to Create a Dynamic Recipient List in Freeform?

I'm trying to use the Solspace Freeform plugin for Craft CMS to create an email form. My form needs to have dynamic recipients, but I have a channel in the system that has the email addresses I need ...
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Email error: Could not access file

Using Sprout Forms in conjunction with Amazon S3. The file is being uploaded to the S3 source, however it fails to send when viewing the Craft log. [error] [application] Email error: Could not access ...
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Sprout Forms -- Assign email selects LABEL to hidden field (jquery?)

I have a form that uses an email select form, where the label of each option is a department, and the value is the email or emails associated with that department. It's working fine, but the ...
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What is a good approach for building an aggregated newsletter?

I would like to auto create a an aggregated newsletter each month based on Craft content and have Mailchimp deliver it via their API. It doesn't need to be complicated so I was wondering whether a ...
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Links in e-mails are not properly formatted

I have a site where users can register and login. But in link 70% of the cases the accountVerification e-mail is not sent properly, resulting in users can't verify their account and thus can't login. ...
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Activation link missing from activation email

A client is reporting that users are attempting sign up but receiving activation emails with no activation link present, simply a blank space where the {{link}} tag is placed. We are unable to re-...
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"Activate Your Account" message sent when user signs up, then again when admin activates

It seems strange that this is happening, but our users are being sent the Activate Your Account message first when they initially register (we aren't including the activation link in this email so ...
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Prevent user email validation message showing twice In craft panel

When i enter same email which is already exist and click on save it is showing twice message. Can you please tell me it is craft cms's behavior? I have checked by disable custom modules and also ...
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How to send e-mail on an event

I was wondering how to send an E-mail after an event. In this example I'm using stripe payments and I want a mail to be send after a transaction was completed. Below I have tried to send a mail when a ...
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Resend commerce email

We have a site that had a feature/plugin created that can handle payment deposits as well as full payments for events. We're wanting to create a job (like a CRON Job) or process that once a week goes ...
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Email template error

In the logs, I have this error: 2021-02-01 18:00:04 [-][-][-][error][craft\commerce\services\Emails::sendEmail] Email template parse error for email “Order Submitted”. Order: “123456”. Template error:...
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Certificate problems when sending mail via smpt (tream_socket_enable_crypto(): SSL operation failed with code 1)

I know there were already a lot of these issues on this board, but none solved mine, unfortunately. Be assured that I searched quite a lot (for hours) but could not solve it. I hope I have not ...
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Need Swift Mailer to send emails as UTF-8

I have a Craft 3 site that used Freeform Pro for a contact form. All submissions from this form need to be sent, via email to a third party vendor who parses the information and submits it to a CRM. ...
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Custom Messages including variables in global field?

Is it possible to setup messages (for transactional emails) as global text fields that include variables such as {{ firstName }}, {{ lastName }}, {{ email }} etc.? For example: Custom plugin fires ...
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Plugin Emails Being Sent Twice

I've got an even notifier plugin I have been working on for a specific client project. Sending an email to a single address works fine, but when I loop through a table containing email addresses it is ...
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