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How can I edit a view entry from the view, such as a lightswitch check, without opening up the form?

In Craft CMS I can see views of my my entries through singles, structures, or channels. I can see a lightswitch checkbox have a green check in the view. I'd like to be able to edit the view directly ...
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Undefined this.$ initTabs Craft.js:11326:51

I'm getting this error on one Solspace calendar (2.x) event entry form, but not another. The only difference seems to be two asset fields, and one entry reference field. It's the only page the error ...
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help changing footer on home page

I wonder if you can help. I need to make some changes to the text on the bottom part of our home-page but I'm not sure how to. This site was designed for us by another agency and although I have ...
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Solspace Calendar Event Editing

I'm using Solspace Calendar for Craft and I'm currently trying to implement the edit event form. Once a user selects an event on the calendar they are taken to the event page. On this page I have the ...
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Add a button to the entry edit screen via plugin

I would like to add a button to the edit entry screen, only for already saved entries, alongside the "Share" button. When clicked, I'd like to call my plugin's controller action and post the entry ID....
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Is it possible to populate admin form with data supplied by an external API?

I've been tasked with reviewing Craft as a potential solution for the company I work for and one of the requirements is that we need to be able to provide data from a external API in the page creating/...
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How long does the share link on the entry edit screen last?

We're noticing that links to hidden entries that are shared via token (share button) eventually expire. How long do these links last? Is there a setting to adjust how long the token will last?
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Front End Editing with Entry From

I need to allow store managers to edit their store. I'm most of the way there and have the title field and a couple of other plain text fields set up. However there isn't any documentation available ...
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Javascript issue when setting an expiry date for entry

If I set an expiry date for an entry I get an error on one of the last lines: $timePicker.timepicker('setTime', Name of edit section as shown to the user*3600 + 00*60 + 00); I've traced this back to ...
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The safest way to edit core Craft files?

I've been tasked with adding a column to the Entries screen to show some custom data that gets saved against each new post. To do this, I've edited craft/app/elementtypes/EntryElementType.php and ...
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How can I make an entry (in this case a page from structure) only visible to users with cp access?

I tried 'draft page' but that only shows it in live preview. I need it accessible through the navigation as well. I was expecting a concept button in the CP that would allow this? Do I need to make a ...
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