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1 answer

Craft changing/corrupting assets on download?

I have a problem with downloading files from Craft CMS using the "download asset" action on the asset page in the control panel. These files don't have a public URL and needs to be ...
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'Not authorized to access this resource' when logged in user clicks download link

A user has received this message 'Not authorized to access this resource' when logged in and attempting to download a file by a link. The file was a .zip. I've tested this, but could not replicate the ...
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Adding an additional Download PDF to orders

Is there a hook or something I can use to add an additional Download PDF option to the Edit Order screen? It looks like a dropdown, but I can't find any docs on how to add to it.
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Force download a file on page load

I have a page that is supposed to render the content and then force a download of a file. I have {% header "Location: " ~ entry.files[0].url %} in my template which brings up the browser's save ...
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