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MPDF not working when devmode is not enabled

I have an issue with generation a pdf with MPDF. Everything is working fine when devmode is on. When I try it on production it can't load the pdf. When I set devmode true on production it's working ...
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Custom fonts in pdf

I want to render two custom fonts in my commerce pdf, but it does not work. I tried it in several ways: I use the @font-face and used the path as well the URL and also put the font files in different ...
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Generate PDF Receipt in Craft commerece causes error in dompdf

We are using: Craft 3.4.20 with Commerce 3.1.4 and PHP 7.4.6 We tried to generate a PDF of an order with default settings and template in cp We got following errors: yii\base\ErrorException: Invalid ...
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Preview PDF doesn't work in Safari but works in other browser

I'm trying to figure out why I am able to preview a PDF in all other browser apart from Safari. The PDF is generated using DOMPDF (printmaker plugin) and output to the browser though PHP using Craft ...
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How can I embed Image into Craft Commerce 2 PDF Receipt

How do I embed an image (PNG,SVG or JPG) into a CraftCMS Commerce 2 PDF receipt? I tried importing the svg using an includes. I tried using an img tag and referencing a local file. Nothing seems to ...
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Commerce PDF error: Image not found or type unknown

In the order template, this error shows up in the generated PDFs when adding standard JPG images. We're running Commerce 1.2.x on PHP70. It could be related to this dompdf issue, but how do we fix ...
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PHP 7.0 and 7.1 PDF error with Craft Commerce orders

Switching over to a new server and using PHP 7.0 (and 7.1) everything looked to be fine until I tried to view an order PDF within an email from Craft Commerce. Even using the email template provided ...
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Generate PDF's (Printmaker plugin) with a static header and footer

Does somebody know if it's possible with Printmaker to provide each page, of the PDF you generate, with a static footer and/or header? Printmaker makes use of the dompdf library. In the documentation ...
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Printmaker Plugin — Some Questions

Why he generate the PDF again and again when nothing changes? Is there a hidden option for that? I tried to use it with the Google Font Rubik but no chance. Any Ideas? Is it possible to Save the ...
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How to link images inside an order PDF?

In my order PDF template I have an image that shows when I preview the template as a web page but not in the generated PDF. I’ve tried SVG, PNG and JPEG. If I use a relative path I get the error ...
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Printmaker plugin cuts off HTML when rendering PDF link

I’ve got a funny Printmaker issue here that I hope you can help me with! I’m using the following code to generate a link to a PDF: {% set vars = { title: supportGuides.title, body: supportGuides....
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