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Does descendantOf only accept a single value?

I have a products page on which I'm filtering with Sprig. There are some categories in the form of checkboxes. These categories have some subcategories. The categories are a structured section with ...
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How can I filter which children I want to show in a sub navigation menu

I have a navigation menu setup but I want to filter out some of the children at level(2) so they aren't showing in the dropdown navigation menu. Here is how I am grabbing the children... {% set ...
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Loading entry based on dynamic route

I'm trying to load an entry based on the following url: /artists/nameOfArtist/nameOfCategory/myEntry/thumb This URL follows the structure of my entries: Artist > Category > Entry So, I'm thinking ...
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descendantOf() parameter, entryModel or ID?

I'm confused about what to pass as a parameter in the descendantOf() function. I'm developing a website and passing an entry ID as a string (I also tested it as an integer) and everything went fine, ...
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