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Questions tagged [deployment]

Questions regarding the deployment of Craft CMS sites.

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Breaking one large Craft app into multiple smaller apps

Some background information: We use a Craft app that has several modular components that we've put into separate plugins. IE: a purchase plugin, "logged in" plugin, and so on. I'm thinking of ...
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Digital Ocean: Dev + Production Droplets

I've been learning craft and want to setup a production & development environment. I've primary HTML CSS experience with limited backend or server related experience One way I thought about ...
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2 answers

Deploying Craft on AWS

I made my first Craft site with MAMP locally. I am trying to get my site running on AWS but I'm having a hard time with understanding the process. Are there any good tutorials or suggestions about how ...
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Host a Craft app

I've just made my first craft application and I'm ready to launch it. After looking at some topics I've decided I should go with DigitalOcean and ServerPilot. I have a domain, the only thing is that I ...
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404 homepage on deployment

I got a Craft-style 404 page when deployed to server. The homepage displays fine in local/development environment. On the server, the admin interface works fine though. Here's my config. return ...
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12 votes
3 answers

How to set up CloudFront for a Craft site

I'm now setting myself to learn about AWS. Has anybody documented their experiences with CloudFront and Craft?
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2 answers

File Permissions on Compiled Templates

We use an automated deploy system when developing with Craft. We have a deploy user "deploy" and a web server user "www-data" Deploy is a member of the www-data group. Our first few deployments ...
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Craft storage dir as linked in capistrano

I'm having some issues with my install of craft on a staging server. I'm deploying using Capistrano, and (perhaps wrongly) added craft/storage to linked_dirs (to share between deployments). Since ...
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Accessing admin panel after deploying local MAMP

I've moved my site from a local install to my server. I'm pretty new at this, so hopefully I've followed the right course: What I did: Edited db.php to reflect the changes Edited index.php to point ...
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DB Update Trigger

When there are updates to Craft, I perform them locally against a local database. The files are then committed to a repository. I then use Capistrano to deploy the updated installation to various ...
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Updating Craft cause broken git and merge conflict

I've got a local db and install of Craft as well as a remote. I'm pushing to bitbucket from my local Mamp environment then pulling from bitbucket to my server via ssh. I recently updated Craft by ...
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Are there any Craft specific migration tools that extend Yii's built-in functionality?

We're working on developing a proper deployment system for projects built on Craft, and wondering if there are any Craft specific tools built-in that can assist with generating database migrations, ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Is it possible to clear caches and re-index assets programattically?

When migrating a Craft site, I'm used to... deploying files checking my config, tweaking as necessary loading a database backup running "Update Asset Indexes" and "Clear Caches" from the control ...
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2 answers

Craft, CSS Frameworks, Bower & Grunt setup suggestions

I would like to use a CSS Framework like Zurb Foundation with Craft. I also want to manage my bower dependencies and I want to use Grunt to concat and minify my sass/js as well as compress my images. ...
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19 votes
4 answers

Can I run one Craft install on multiple domains and/or subdomains?

Is it possible to have one Craft install running multiple domains and/or subdomains? For example having the same Craft install running a blog Channel at and also an about Single at ...
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What's the best practice for handling data migration and organization across development environments?

This issue becomes especially difficult when there are multiple environments, with multiple developers working on different features that affect the data structure. The holy grail is a git-style ...
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