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Questions tagged [deployment]

Questions regarding the deployment of Craft CMS sites.

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All logins fail on Craft CMS 3 after code redeploy and database restore

Background: AWS deployed Craft site. I pushed an update to the php version (7.0.32 to 8.0x) the container was running on along with an upgrade to Craft (Craft Pro to 3.7.42) and several ...
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How to change the primary site on a multi-site setup?

We have a multisite setup. We're wanting to use the same codebase, but deploy to two different servers with some of the sites on server 1 and the rest on server 2. For example: Server 1 Site 1 [...
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Auto trigger craft project-config/sync on deployment

So I have the following in my Composer file: "scripts": { "post-root-package-install": [ "@php -r \"file_exists('.env') || copy('.env.example', '.env');\"" ], "post-create-project-...
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Blank pages after moving from Local development to Production

I'm very new to Craft and recently built my first Craft-powered website (locally) and it works fantastic. Now, I want to move it to production, and I'm having trouble. Locally, everything went very ...
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Getting started deploying Craft sites with Capistrano

I'd like to deploy a Craft site with Capistrano but am looking for the best way to get started. Is the Craft Deploy utility by Bluegg up to date, or would it be better to use a vanilla version of ...
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Content revision issue for every code deployment

The content reversion issue was reported during the production deployment of a new module on the Craft CMS site. To address this issue, we suspect the below deployment scripts are causing the content ...
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Cannot find page but is active in the admin panel. Staging and locally no issues

I've recently deployed an extension to an already existing craft website. I always have a staging website where we can make sure everything is working as expected. Everything was. When I pushed the ...
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