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Delete All Products (and their variants)

I'm looking for the correct way to delete all of the products and related variants from my Commerce site. This is just for my local development environment as I'm debugging an import job. The delete() ...
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Delete Parent and Children via the frontend

I'm having some trouble solving this issue and could do it with some help. Basically, I'm looking to replicate the "Delete (with descendants)" function from the admin panel in a front-end ...
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Why might I be unable to delete entries and uninstall plug-ins in Craft CMS Solo 3.6.12?

I know the two things may seem unrelated but the actions are both red items in their respective dropdown menus and perform destructive tasks. In Entries, I was unable to delete a couple of test ...
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How to remove entries with craft migration safeDown elegantly

I am migrating some entries into Craft for the first time and my saveUp is quite simple where I use the saveElement function. The problem is after doing a few safeUp's and safeDown's I'm getting some ...
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How to automatically remove entries after a certain time?

I haven't found anything similar to this. But I was wondering if it's possible to delete certain entries after a certain time? For example: User fills in form and adds contact entry - after 2 weeks ...
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Calls to /actions return 400 Bad Request

I'm trying to use jquery ( and/or VueJS with axios) to delete an asset from a frontend form (user is logged in and they have permissions to delete assets from this volume) I have an HTML element that ...
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entry / asset url integrity check

Is there any mechanism in Craft (or a plugin) which protects entries or assets from being deleted, if they are used in an asset / entry field used in an entrytype, global, ...? Or is there a way to ...
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Plugin development: how can I check if user has the permissions to delete only his own assets?

I have a front-end form where logged users can upload and delete their personal files. These users have the strict minimum permissions required to interact with this form. They can only Create, ...
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Fetch/Remove all unused assets (by plugin)

The title is self-explanatory, but I need to buid a service function to remove unused assets, or at least to fetch those in order to delete found assets after. Any simple solution?
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Users not being deleted from the craft_users table?

Since upgrading to craft 2.6.2785 when I delete a user it appears to remove the user from the elements and elements_il8n tables but does not delete the user from the users table. If you then search ...
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