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Setting a default entry for the entry field

I have an entry field that is a selector tool for the page call to action at the bottom. I have a channel of four or five entries and I'd like one of them to be the default selection so it's one less ...
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Using values from one entry as default values in another?

Is it possible to do the following in Craft? I want to set up course information as follows: 1) have a courseType which contains default values for that type of course - name (i.e. 3 hour skills, ...
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2 answers

Change/update the default user profile photo/thumbnail folder location

I'm having a hell of a time tracking where i can change/update the default user profile photo/thumbnail folder location. I keep reading and have tested that you can create a new volume for assets. My ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Can the Lightswitch field have a default 'on' setting?

I'm creating a new lightswitch field and adding it to an entry type in a section which already has dozens of entries. I want the lightswitch to be default set to 'on'. When I save the entry type with ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Dropdown field 'default'

I have a field of the dropdown fieldtype, let's call it myDropdown. myDropdown has a list of options, one of which has the "default" checkbox checked. If I use a front-end form to submit a new ...
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3 answers

Default Craft entry limit

There seems to be a default limit to for loops in craft of 100. I have a channel with quite a few entries. How can I disable this without writing nasty things like .limit(100000000)
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Change admin CP default locale

I have 3 locales set up - en_ca, fr_ca, en_us. en_us was selected when installing Craft. I had to change the default locale to en_ca and did so in general.php after installation. I'd like this ...
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How can I populate a dropdown via table field type using the default values?

In the CP I have a table field called colors. I have two columns, "Label" and "Value". I have populated the table with two default values "Red" and "Blue" (attached). This table will ultimately ...
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Can I add an enabled-by-default lightswitch field to existing entries?

I've created a lightswitch field that defaults to "On", and it works fine for new entries, but for all existing entries it is set to "Off". I'm keen to avoid having to manually go through all existing ...
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