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How do you import entries from a CSV

I'm fairly new to Craft CMS, and investigating how to handle exports and imports. I noticed that on the Entries listing there's a nice big export CSV button - perfect, exactly what I need. But I ...
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Import CSV data using FeedMe plugin into entries with Matrix fields

I would like to import a CSV file into but the entries contain Matrix fields. When I set up the file, FeedMe provides a way to map columns in the CSV file to specific Matrix fields but I can't find a ...
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Craft Commerce product export to CSV?

Does anyone know if it us possible to export products from Craft to a CSV? I can't see anything native. Sprout reports seems like it might be able to but it looks quite complicated.
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Feedme CSV into Redactor encoded as JSON

Importing into Redactor from a CSV file and we have no control over the formatting. There is a column containing text that is in quote marks but on importing into a Redactor field, any string that ...
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Feed Me: How to format CSV data for a table field

Similar to the other post Feed Me: How to format JSON for a table field. I'm looking for a solution on how to format the CSV field so I can import it as a table field. Basically I have a list of ...
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How to export 1 Entries type ("news") from Craft to Wordpress

I have a lot of News entries in a Craft 2.6.2990 website that I would like to export and then import into Wordpress. Most of the advice out there is for doing this the other way round. I need Title, ...
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Are there any alternatives to the deprecated Export plugin?

This thread Export Craft Data leads me to add a new question. What is a good Craft 3 export plugin? I know several for imports, for example the FeedMe plugin is doing a great job, but nothing to ...
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Save Entry Data as CSV and Email it to the Author / Logged in User

I am trying to email some Entry data that they have created in CSV Format to the author/logged in user. I have a controller setup with a frontend form posting an action to the controller: public ...
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Import CSV to matrix field

How should I structure a .csv and process the data to import matrix fields? Whith table I used a json_encode but of course this doesn't work with matrixes.
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Saving to table field via plugin

I'm dealing with the import plugin, processing a .csv file. in the .csv there's a column with | separated values that shoud be inserted in a table field. The entry are created correctly, also the ...
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CSV/JSON data imported to dynamic table

I'm looking for a solution that will allow me to turn a CSV or JSON data file into a table on the front-end of a website. Ideally the data would be imported into the database and then output into a ...
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