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Upgrade to Craft 4

Anyone succeeded in upgrading from Craft 3 to Craft 4 ? Before staging the changes on our dev server, I tried it locally without success. Although it seems pretty strait forward, I updated all plugins ...
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Element query executed before Craft is fully initialized

I'm getting that warning in my log since updating to Craft4. I've traced it to a problem with my config/contact-form.php. This is a modified version of the suggested code for Dynamically adding email ...
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How to get a list of entry types for a section using GraphQL?

The goal is to get a list of entry types for a section, so that a user can filter entires by entry type e.g. query Entries { entries(section: "content", type: ["news", "...
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Craft4 stream_copy_to_stream(): Argument #2 ($to) must be of type resource, bool given

As mentioned in the title, I'm not able to upload any files in Craft4. I created a filesystem and a volume which is connected to the filesystem. In the assets-field settings I added the volume. I have ...
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