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How to compare entries based on color?

Currently working on a website with a large amount of artworks. Each of these artworks contains a number of labels that links to a color (hex and RGB). I want to try to generate a list that retrieves ...
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Check number against 2 seperate fields and return the entry that matches

I have imported entries, each with 2 fields that comprise a range of numbers... numberStart and numberEnd. e.g. 3000 - 3006, in some instances both are the same number e.g. 8001 - 8001 The user will ...
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When constructing an ECM, is it possible to compare two values?

My section has two numeric fields, lorem and ipsum. It's possible for users to enter any integer they want into these two fields. I want to grab all results where lorem is greater than ipsum. Here's ...
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I want to display entries that have a field that is the same as a field in a global variable

There is a publishMonth (multiselect) and publishYear (radio buttons) field in each article. They do not correspond to an actual date. Each article is is associated with one year, or one or more ...
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Comparison with an integer from a dropdown list not working

I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but there is something weird going on if I try to compare an integer form a dropdown field to an integer in the template. In short, it doesn't work. I'm working ...
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