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How to schedule custom command that executes every hour

I created a custom command to print logs. Now I want to schedule that command to execute every hour. Can any one give me a step-by-step process to achieve that? I am new to craft CMS. Craft CMS ...
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Queue process fails with unclear error ouput

I have a custom job queued, which in itself writes to the logs that the thing it is doing has been done successfully, however if I check the result in "Utilities" > "Queue Manager&...
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Deployment strategy that removes tables from uninstalled plugins

I have read the following article best practices for deployments. here the following is recommended: git pull composer install php craft ...
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How to change file path where the Debug Toolbar's debugger files are stored?

According to Pull Request #10825 for Craft 4, you can override the filesystem and path where the debugger files are stored for the Debug Toolbar. In the absence of using a separate filesystem, I'd ...
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Exception 'yii\base\UnknownMethodException'

After updating to 3.7.19 I ran the command as instructed in the changelog: php craft utils/repair/section-structure <sectionHandle> But it returned the following: Exception 'yii\base\...
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Parse variable to new queue job

Is there a way to parse a variable to a queue job? I want to re-send some Craft commerce emails via a cron job, so have created a console controller for the cron job to run a command against. This ...
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Console command ./craft db/restore expects "info" table. Why?

Why does the console command ./craft db/restore expect the info table to exist and contain a row? There is also no option to ignore a non-existing info or empty info table. When we create automated ...
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execute Yii2 console command from Yii2 extension with Craft

Does anyone know if and how a console command from a Yii2 extension can be used with Craft? To be more specific, I would like to use which ...
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Running Craft Console Commands on Webfaction

I'm trying to run a few of Craft's console commands on a Webfaction server to automate running Craft migrations and resolving Project Config changes, and it's throwing an error. Here's what I'm doing: ...
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