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1 answer

How to filter a categories query

I have a categories group named "Title" in my backend. In that group I have 15 categories, but I want to display only 3 specific categories on the frontend. How can I filter my query and ...
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2 answers

Sort Entries by Field in Category

I have entries from a section 'title' which all have an associated category 'author'. Category has an associated field 'sortName'. Essentially, I am trying to sort a bunch of books by author last name ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Using sprig for category filter but keep getting deprecation errors

I'm using sprig, following the example. I have 3 selects (thickness, look, finish), each using categories from a different group. ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How to use Sprig to filter categories using a dropdown

I'm having an issue where I'm adding a dropdown to my search to filter through the first parent attribute in a category (Winter 2020, Spring 2021, and so on). The search field works, but nothing ...
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1 answer

Element API: Get Entries Related to Category with Query Parameter

I'm using the Element API Plugin to create an API, with which I want to get entries related to one category, but dynamically with the category set in the Url. What I have so far in the config/element-...
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2 answers

How to filter entries by checkboxes using Sprig

I am using the Sprig plugin to filter news entries on a news overview page. I have three checkboxes for the categories related to the news entries. I have the page working for the basic functions by ...
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