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How to prevent advanced relation field setting «Relate entries from a specific site?» getting ignored?

I have a relation field with the advanced setting «Relate entries from a specific site?». When the user initially clicks on the field it works fine, on a second attempt the setting «Relate entries ...
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Freeform: How do you change a name of a form that you have cloned?

I clone the form. Click on the cloned form from the list. Change handle. Click into name field and start to type and the save button disappears. Craft 3.4.02
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Image not found with some transforms in english locale

I'm working on a page that has 2 different locales. The German locale is perfectly fine but in the english locale some assets that use the transforms seem to not be working at all. Funny thing is this ...
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If I try to preview a previous revision of an entry, I get "an unknown error occurred"

Craft 3.3.15 Previous version of the entry was saved 1 minute ago, so no changes in settings between the two entries. Any ideas on how to debug this? Update - here's the error, which looks very ...
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Project file changes causing `SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '1' for key 'PRIMARY'`

I switched over to use project file settings and now I occasionally get a constraint violation when trying to run the craft projectconfig/sync command. I think this is a bug, because the UPDATE `...
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Incomplete localization of `{{ entry.postDate.diff(now)|duration }}`

In a Dutch site, when I output {{ entry.postDate.diff(now)|duration }}, the result is something like 5 dagen, 3 uren, 43 minuten, and 42 seconden. Why is the English "and" not localized? My ...
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Asset field - saving assets with dynamic subfolder by categories not working consistently

I have two asset (image) fields in project entry type, both with the same setting and with different outputs… Anyone knows why? Thanks My fields are: intro image field gallery image field Both ...
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Emoji mb_detect_encoding() error when updating to latest Craft 2.6.x

I updated a Craft 2.6 installation to the latest 2.6.x and suddenly I get an error when saving a user's profile on the frond end: mb_detect_encoding() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given /...
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Get next 3 upcoming entries

I'm working on a new website for my student radio station but I've stumbled into a few key bugs which are stopping us from advertising the new site. It's live right now over on, you'll ...
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Entries from previous year 2016 not displaying

Ok, so this is pretty bizarre... Entries from 2016 are NOT displaying when searched for in the admin panel. Whether we search by the year, title, or part of the title, until they're edited (using the ...
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Duplicating multi-language entry

How can I duplicate an existing multi-language entry with all the translated content? When I choose 'Save as new items' when editing an entry, only the content in the language I selected is copied to ...
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Disable SVG previews for asset field?

A client of mine uploads multiple, complex SVGs (2MB and larger) to an asset field. Unfortunately, Craft CMS isn't able to automatically generate thumbnail images (with a reduced filesize, not just ...
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The file does not appear to be an image. Bug?

I've installed the latest ImageMagick on my ubuntu 14 server. If I force imageDriver to use 'imagick', I can only upload Gif images. And if I force it to use GD, I can upload all images but only ...
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Entry slug auto appends -1 even when the original slug is unique

I have an entry slug like this: cics-west-belden-1 the -1 seems to be auto appended to the slug, but there are no other entries with the project cics-west-belden in my project. When I remove the -1 ...
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Redactor adding extra paragraph and br tag when entering and exiting HTML source mode [closed]

I'm currently on the latest version of Craft (2.6.2785). When I edit Redactor content I have no issues, but if I enter HTML mode and exit it I end up with <p><br></p> prepended to ...
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omitScriptNameInUrls breaks admin asset loading

I'm having trouble logging in to the admin panel if I set omitScriptNameInUrls to true in the general config file. The login works well on a subdomain, which is odd. It seems that asset loading is ...
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Plugin Asset Subfolder Access Issue after Update [closed]

We are using the Asset Subfolder Access Plugin to manage the upload/view permissions for several user groups. The Plugin works great with Asset sources and also in the Assets Fields. But since an ...
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Craft hanging when updating an Entry

When saving an entry, Craft will sit endlessly waiting for the page to load. I've seen this behaviour intermittently in the past - but not for months. It's doing it again now though. Seems to me to ...
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