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Where I can find visitor analytics for my website on the craft backend?

I would like to see visitor analytics for the website, specific pages, etc. but I don't see that information. Seems like it should be simple to find. Any suggestions? Thank you!
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Add Google Analytics JS event tracker

I'm trying to track some link clicks on a website that is using Craft CMS. I only have access to the Website and the Data Studio Report, but I don't have access to Google Analytics, GTM or any "...
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Campaign UTM Tracking through to form

My client has asked that I track and send campaign information through a contact form. So basically a user might come to the site on this type of URL:
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Where to place Webmaster Tools HTML File on CRAFT CMS?

Im trying to setup my Web master tools for my site, but i'm not sure where to place the html file google provides: I've tried the 5 main folders root but with no success. Also in the craft's root. ...
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How to set up Google Tag Manager correctly

First time user here, can any please provide information on how to best implement the GTM tag container? Is it possible to hard code it? Or is the only way to add a plugin?
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commerce_orders onOrderComplete not triggered?

Problem: I want to trigger an action (Instant Analytics plugin) whenever a payment (Craft Commerce plugin) is successful (webhook). Payment provider is Mollie. So far I created a plugin that listens ...
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Transfer Dukt Analytics to new build

I'm working on a new build of a site with a new database, I think that copying the plugin folder will not carry over the analytics statistics, are there database entries that I need to copy over?
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Add Heap Analytics code to HTML

I'm trying to add Heap Analytics as a tracking tool to my Craft site. From Heap's installation docs, I need to add this code snippet before the closing tag. I'm pretty new to using Craft, can someone ...
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Any alternative to Dukt Analytics?

I am unable to pay $99 for Dukt Analytics. Does anyone know of a free alternative that gives me google analytics stats for the dashboard?
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Does Google Analytics track Live Preview 'page views'?

Will Google Analytics be recording page views / events from within a Live Preview? And if so, is there a way to prevent this from happening? My understanding is that with Google Analytics you can set ...
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Adding Google Analytics to an RSS feed via server-side tracking?

Google Analytics provides a server-side API for sending data to their servers; this is the generally approved way of tracking views of a page that can't include Javascript, such as an RSS feed. You ...
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redirect index.php in urls on Craft site to NEVER show index.php

We’ve recently had some issues with a staging site being down and it turned out the reason for this was: In the words of Brad at Pixel and Tonic, the redirect is "intercepting the update request for ...
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Dukt Analytics Plugin - Web Profile not showing up

I'm trying to configure the Dukt Analytics Plugin to a site for my first time. I was able to successfully configure oAuth on my Google account, and get the account connected via the Analytics Plugin ...
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Adding XML Sitemaps

I've attempted to add an xml sitemap within the /public directory but received a 404 because htaccess is blocking the document. What is the proper location and method to add an xml sitemap to Craft?
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How do i put google analytics code into a Global field?

can anyone tell me step by step what to do to put google analytics code into a global field? I have read the earlier answer but i am new to craft and i don't know where to start.
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Add localised tracking codes for production environments

I have a localised site. I want to add in kiss metric and google analytic tracking codes for each locale, however, I don't want the tracking codes to output in staging and dev environments. I ...
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What is the best way to track, record or view search terms?

Pretty much like the title says - What is the best way to track, record or view search terms when using the built in Search form?
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